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venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

Yeah Dude Comics 2014 Subscription

Among the various fundraisings based on comics, today I want to talk about the campaign launched by Pat Aulisio's Yeah Dude, of which I already talked about here. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is the publication of a semi-monthly, 16/24 pages anthology, with one/three comics from different artists in each issue. The first issue will be Stoner Alien by Aulisio and the line-up of the following books includes cartoonists who already published for Yeah Dude Comics or working in the Philadelphia area, with some guest-stars. So we'll see comics by Box Brown, Ian Harker, Laura Knetzger, Skuds Mckinley, Conor Stechschulte, Emma Louthan, Tom Toye, Josh Bayer, Aaron Lange, Tara Booth, Keenan Keller, Nikki Burch, Victor Kerlow, Josh Burggraf, Sean T. Collins and Will Laren. Pat Aulisio will obviously be the editor of the anthology and I'm sure he'll be good at creating the right mix of art, experimentation, madness and funny jokes. The campaign will be available until the 6th of March but you'll better hurry since some "sets" including comics from Yeah Dude catalogue are limited. I'm sure it'll be worthwhile, this year Yeah Dude Comics will amaze you.

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