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sabato 8 febbraio 2014

Malachi Ward's Ritual #3 preview

I've already included the new Ritual in my Best of 2014 list some weeks ago. But now, courtesy of David Nuss of Revival House Press (thanks Dave!), I can post a wonderful page from the new issue, titled Vile Decay (out at the beginning of June with distribution from Alternative Comics). Since it's already known how much I liked Ritual #1 and #2, I'm happy that this excerpt gives me an opportunity to talk specifically about Malachi Ward here on Just Indie Comics. The Californian cartoonist writes complex comics, in which he deals with such themes as time, life, death, love and so on. In addition, he's known not only for Ritual but also for his self-published books, such as Utu, The Scout and Expansion, a sci-fi series realized with Matt Sheean. Sheean and Ward also worked on an Image Comics book by way of Brandon Graham's Prophet. This page from Ritual #3 is illustrated in a fascinating 2-color process and as usual brings the reader to a mysterious new world... A world I can't wait to explore.

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