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lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

Brinkman, Ratigher, Massagli, Martin e Tawaraya in U.D.W.F.G.

Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds is a new Italian biannual magazine published by Michele Nitri’s Hollow Press. The guest contributor of the first issue, out in March, will be Mat Brinkman, a founding member of Fort Thunder group, best known for his book Multiforce and recently seen in the latest issue of Monster anthology (here my review). In addition to Brinkman, author of the image above, the 96 pages of the magazine will host the Italian artists Paolo Massagli and Ratigher, Miguel Angel Martin from Spain and the Japanese Tetsunori Tawaraya (picture below).

All this for 18 euros, in English and in a limited edition of 700 copies. The comics, all self-contained, are fantasy but in a dark and underground way, so the mood will be violent and cynical, more disturbing than fascinating. The founding of the project is very original, since Nitri has already bought the original drawings directly from the cartoonists and he will subsequently sell them on the web. For further details, you can take a look at a preview published a few days ago on the Italian website Fumettologica, at Hollow Press page on Facebook and obviously at the website of the project, where the magazine will be sold. Come back here in a few weeks for the review of U.D.W.F.G.

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