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sabato 4 gennaio 2014

Just Indie Comics in 2013

I already posted on my Italian website a list of the main articles I did in this half-year, since I started the blog the 21st of July. Now in every post you'll find a link to the English translation (if I did it), but for your convenience I recap here every piece available in the English (and sometime rough) version. Have a good read.

- Golem Stories by Sammy Harkham
- Lose #5 by Michael DeForge
š! #13-14
- The Bookshelf vol.1: Optic Nerve #13 by Adrian Tomine, We Will Remain by Andrew White, Alamo Value Plus by Rusty Jordan
- Monster, edited by Paul Lyons and Roby Newton
- The Comic Arts Brooklyn experience, a report from the festival
- The Comic Arts Brooklyn experience part 2
- Comics People: Pat Aulisio
- A Look is the Fire Itself, report from Anna Deflorian's exhibition
- Life Zone by Simon Hanselmann
- Sequential Vacation #1-2 by Sar Shahar
- Best Indie Comics of 2014, a preview of the new year

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