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lunedì 29 settembre 2014

Bethesda, 13-14 September 2014: The Small Press Expo

I would have liked to publish a report about the Small Press Expo a bit earlier on this blog, but my trip in USA (and Canada) continued after SPX and once back in Italy I had a lot of things to do after more than two weeks of pleasant absence. However you can read a sort of "official" report I did for the website Broken Frontier to have a bigger idea of the event. At this point a lot of other reports and commentaries are already on line, so I've decided to publish only a gallery of pictures, with the intention to come back on SPX in the next weeks with the reviews of some debuting books. For now I'm saying only that it was fantastic going to SPX for the first time and meeting a lot of cartoonists, publishers and comics fans in person. The average quality of the comics in the Grand Ballroom was very high and the panels were very interesting and sometimes funny. So, here come the pictures... I hope they will describe SPX better than me. 

Revival House Press table...

...where we find publisher Dave Nuss with Malachi Ward (left)

Simon Hanselmann draws on my copy of Megahex
Box Brown, one of SPX special guest, at the table of his Retrofit Comics

Joyana McDiarmid, editor of Maple Key Comics anthology

Ryan Sands and his wife Jane...

 Youth In Decline table

Sam Alden signing It Never Happened Again...

...and Daryl Seitchik is doing the same with Missy

Noah Van Sciver thinking I'm a nerd. At his side an unaware John Porcellino

The table of Belgian publisher Frémok

Conor Stechschulte behind his book The Amateurs 
and Ryan Cecil Smith behind an apple

Pat Aulisio meditates upon my possible cameo in his new comic 
about bloggers (at his side R. Sikoryak)...

...Pat is making this comic with Josh Bayer, 
who is drawing Rom in this picture

Lale Westwind says "ciao!"

Andrew Carl and Dave Proch show Proch's pages from 
Little Nemo - Dream Another Dream, a tribute to Winsor McCay 
published by Locust Moon of Philadelphia

SPX Executive Director Warren Bernard introduces 
the Ignatz Awards ceremony

Cathy G. Johnson, winner as Promising New Talent. 
In the background, Sasha Steinberg (in drag queen style) 
and James Sturm, who presented the ceremony

Paul Karasik is ready to consign the award for Outstanding Graphic Novel, won by This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

Simon Hanselmann celebrates his wedding with Comics 
kissing Fantagraphics boss Gary Groth

Sophie Goldstein with the Ignatz gained for House of Women 
in the category Outstanding Mini-Comic

Charles Burns talking about his fascination for Tin Tin

Another pic of Charles Burns, who also read 
some pages from his new Sugar Skull

The panel Making Art for the Internet: from left to right Rebecca Mock, 
Emily Carroll, Sam Alden and Blaise Larmee

Shannon Wheeler, the creator of Too Much Coffee Man
drew for the SPX a funny press pass...

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