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martedì 1 aprile 2014

Random news from the Usa

I've already posted some 2014 news in my "Best of" list and in the recent Random news from all over the world, but I'm still on the theme to put together some news added during the last weeks or some things I've previously forgotten to mention. In my last post I've surely and guiltily ignored the fantastic Hic & Hoc line-up for the new year. So, for those of you who still didn't read it somewhere, Hic & Hoc will distribute this spring the reprint of Alabaster's Mimi and the Wolves Act 1, in a new paperback edition, and the fourth issue of the beautiful anthology Irene, edited by dw, Dakota McFadzean and Andy Warner (I reviewed the third issue here). As for Hic & Hoc books, the collected edition of Scaffold, the innovative and eye-catching comic by V.A. Graham and J.A. Eisenhower will be out this summer, while in the autumn we'll have Infinite Bowman, a stunning 144-page book with the collection of Bowman stories by Pat Aulisio, and a new 24-page comic-book by Noah Van Sciver, Cheer Up.

Speaking about Mr. Van Sciver, after publishing two sketchbooks I reviewed here, he's putting out for Adhouse Books a collection of short stories, taken from his series Blammo and from some anthologies. Youth is Wasted will hit the shelves in June and you can already read an online preview here. Adhouse Books has also an interesting publishing schedule for 2014, including the book by Katie Skelly Operation Margarine, out in April in occasion of the Mocca Arts Fest, the annual convention organized in New York by the Society of Illustrators. You can go here to read about the debuting books assembled right in time for Mocca, and here and here to read all the meetings organized the 5th and the 6ht of April by Programming Director Bill Kartalopoulos.

Among the debuting books of Mocca there are also two new publications from Secret Acres, Angie Bongiolatti, Mike Dawson's follow-up to his Troop 142, and Memory Palace, an art-book in which Edie Fake, best known for his Gaylord Phoenix, explores real and imagined places in Chicago's queer history (an image above). And concluding this list, I have to mention a Kickstarter campaign from Studygroup, the excellent website/publisher run by Milo George and Zack Soto. Since the first two issues were amazing, I'm looking especially forward to the third issue of Studygroup Magazine, with comics and art by Jim Rugg, Sophie Franz, Connor Willumsen, Trevor Alixopulos, Mia Schwartz, Kim Deitch, Chris Cilla, Malachi Ward, Ben Max Urkowitz, Julia Gfrorer and Pete Toms, the usual critical contents and an exclusive 3D section.

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