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lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Random news from all over the world

After a beginning of the year in which the big and small publishing houses were still recovering from Christmas, in these last weeks a lot of exciting news about indie comics are coming out, so I decided to summarize briefly the most significant ones I've read on websites and social networks. Let's start with Fantagraphics, who announced the publishing schedule for autumn 2014. Aside from the complete reprint of Zap! (at the "modest" price of 500 dollars!), I'd like to recommend Doctors, a new graphic novel by Dash Shaw that joins the comic-book Cosplayers out in April, In a Glass Grotesquely by Richard Sala, the fifth issue of Uptight by Jordan Crane and the new book by Dylan Horrocks: Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen will collect the comics published until now on the New Zealander cartoonist's website. And in these days Horrocks publishes also the collection of short stories Incomplete Works with Victoria University Press. 

From New Zealand we return to the USA to talk about Sacred Prism and Space Face Books. The two labels are offering the opportunity to subscribe to their publications. The line-up of Sacred Prism includes William Cardini under the guidance of Frank Santoro, Benjamin Marra, Maré Odomo, Ines Estrada, Sarah Horrocks, Derek Ballard, Dongery and Anya Davidson, while the one of Space Face proposes Jason Murphy, John F. Malta, Jordan Speer, Jonny Negron with his new series Loose Joints and other books yet to be defined by authors such as Michael Jordan, Gabriel Corbera, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge. 

The projects of Negative Pleasure, until now known only for Jeans, are instead tied to an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, that has the goal to publish more comics, starting with two anthologies due in April, Felony Comics, in full color and devoted to crime stories (a detail from Benjamin Marra's cover below), and the horror themed Revulsion Comics, in black and white. In the same days, and exactly on the occasion of Mocca in New York, another anthology will be out: Hang Dai Studios Comix will be the flagship of Hang Dai Editions, recently founded in New York by Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel and Seth Kushner.

At this point we can leave the USA for a tour in the UK to take a look at the new comic-book by Oliver East, Homesick Truant's Cumbrian Yarn, in which the author of Trains are... Mint shows his beautiful landscape comics. East is one of the contributors of the sixteenth issue of š!, released on 4th of March (here's an interesting preview). And on the Latvian magazine's website you can take a look at Inverso, an exhibition dedicated to Berliac, author of mini kuš! #19. Nice pictures of the exhibition are also on the Facebook page of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.
Talking about comics I already mentioned in old posts, Youth in Decline from San Francisco has published a couple of weeks ago the third issue of Frontier, realized this time by Sascha Hommer, and the first fiction book of the label, Love Songs for Monsters, a collection of short stories by science fiction writer Anthony Ha, with a cover by Michael DeForge and the title illustrations created ​​by Hannah K. Lee.

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