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sabato 18 gennaio 2014

Support SAW!

There are still a few days to support the Sequential Artists Workshop fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. SAW is a comics school based in Gainesville, Florida, defined by its creators as "unconventional, non-institutional, rebellious, lively and serious all at once". In addition to the lessons, SAW's founder Tom Hart and his partners organize various workshops with alternative cartoonists: at the moment this year's schedule includes Dash Shaw and Gabrielle Bell in Gainesville and John Porcellino in Chicago after the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo.
The target of the fundraising campaign is to bring more artists to Florida to teach, expand the library, upgrade the equipment, expand the studio space and obviously to keep prices low for people who decide to follow the SAW's single-year program. And there are also a lot of nice gifts for the funders, such as 16 mini-comics realized by Josh Bayer and Pat Aulisio, Sarah Glidden, Nick Bertozzi, Dylan Horrocks, Rich Tommaso, Jessica Abel, Fran Lopez, Box Brown, Jess Ruliffson, Trevor Alixopulos, Steve Weissman, Erin Curry, Kurt Wolfgang, Matt Madden e Tom Galambos (with two books). And then postcards, posters, t-shirts, original art and the mini-comics done by the students during the year. Support SAW!

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