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giovedì 21 novembre 2013

Comics People: Pat Aulisio

Today I inaugurate a new section on my blog, Comics People, where I'll talk about a different cartoonist each time, without necessarily reviewing a work in particular and without pretending to make an exhaustive profile. I think some of these cartoonists are not well-known in Italy but renowned in other countries (especially in the United States), so if you already know all about them... please read anyway.
Unnecessary clarifications aside, the first guy on Comics People is Pat Aulisio. Pat is a cartoonist from Philadelphia who publishes with his imprint Yeah Dude Comics an endless series of comic books, plays drums in homemade videoclips, participates in many conventions, organizes barbecues with sale of self-produced comics and so on. In short, Pat is a true force of nature and its projects, often bizarre, include a variety of parodies of Marvel and DC superheroes, an hilarious version of Diabolik slave to Eva Kant, a 2001 Space Odyssey adaptation, an 8-page mini-comic with transparent cover and squared paper reproducing the framework of a time distortion modulator and much more. And all of this with his brand well impressed above: you have just to open any of his publications to understand it is by Pat Aulisio.

Time Distortion Modulator Schematics Manual

One of his latest releases, realized in collaboration with the publishing house Hic and Hoc, is Xeno Kaiju, a 16 pages tabloid without words, printed in white, black and red, about a Godzilla's twin destroying a whole city. Among the numerous Pat's projects I liked above all the F'real Real anthology, published by Drippy Bone Books in April of 2012, because it shows an Aulisio drawing very accurate but without betraying himself. The 40 pages comic book is full of very funny gags with the usual variety of massacres, sex, drugs and excrement, but next to parodies of Garfield and Bart Simpson there are also nice panels with  detailed inks and a couple of notable splash-pages.

Two pages from F'real Real

Finally I want to remember some of the latest releases of Yeah Dude Comics and in particular the recent Thinking About Afterwards by Josh Burggraf, presented at the Comic Arts Brooklyn festival, 3 Fates by Emma Louthan and two porn-books, Alluring Pictorials for Lovers by Raul Cuntcrust and Seva Torntaint and Naked Sex: The Ultimate Truth by the only Cuntcrust, which enlarge Pat's range of interests. If you want to find out what means doing underground comics today, without compromise and without caring too much about audience reactions, you have to enter the world of Pat Aulisio.

Xeno Kaiju cover

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